This review is long due, like two years... Sorry Mr. Jobe. But you are a awesome person and a very very knowledgeable.I was facing a immigration issue and was not getting a decision on my case for like 2 years.I just landed in his office by chance as my brother was going there, Mr. Jobe met me without me having a appointment, as i was with my brother.Guided me through the process.And gave me my options as to what to do.He was firm and told me my issue will be resolved in less than 3 months.Believe me i started my process in Feb 26,2016 and I was done by April,27,2017.So just two months. His dedication to his clients is par excellence, and you will see it once you work with him.He is with you while he is working on your case and even after your immigration case is done.I have a personal experience on it as i recently texted him on his cell asking him for a employment lawyer, and believe me in 45 seconds he texted back asking me where I live.Isn't that amazing.Story doesn't ends there, since he was not from that area, next morning he texted me the list of top rated lawyers in my area.He definitely deserves all the respect for that.
Immigration issues can be very tricky and difficult , and you want to be in safe hands.Believe me you won't repent a single penny spent here as you know you are in safe hands.You are with someone who is well-informed, well-rounded, scholarly, sharp, understanding, insightful, informed, intelligent and experienced.
Thank you Mr Jobe, for all the help you provided.

Kiranjit K.

Mr.Jobe is the best attorney in the country. He has an awesome team that is dedicated to work towards your case . I had a very complicated case which he took and resolved it . They also hold really high standards of professionalism.Before I tried 2 different attorneys. Not only they were unsuccessful but also almost ruined my case . His team is awesome .
They’re in it to Win it!

Amarinder D.

I honestly want to say just one thing Mr. Robert is the best Nationwide if not worldwide, no chance for mistakes or taking advantage, very honest very clear very kind. I'm one of the very happy customers my case was 5 years ago but I will never stop to appreciate till I die, Thank you so much Mr. Robert

Hisham Z.

The best immigration law firm in the bay area. If you have a simple immigration case or if you have a very complicated one they are there for you. Very friendly, knowledgeable and experienced attorneys and staff. I myself had a difficult immigration case with them and they handled it promptly and with professionalism. I recommend the law office of Robert B Jobe to anyone seeking legal advice in regards to immigration matters. You can't go wrong with them!

Miguel P.

I had great experience with this law office, I had lot of complications with my Asylum case but I hired Bob to get done. This firm have excellent and friendly staff, specially Lawyer Milan Sundaresan and Assistant Diala handled my case with true professionalism. They have great experience and knowledge to do solve any problems perfectly. I would strongly recommend to this law firm, they are great people.

Gurnek S.

“They took on a very complex case that many lawyers we've gone through couldn't just because of how complex it was. Robert Jobe and Anna Benvenue explained all our options and we hired them. Little did we know how lucky we were that we've found them. They are very professional, knowledgeable, honest and thorough lawyers and most importantly they get the job done. Because of their hard work my wife is now finally a legal US resident. We cannot thank them enough for what they have done. If you have a complex immigration case and you feel like there is no end to it, this is the firm to go to. They are true lawyers who actually care.”

Dima N.

“This is the best Law Office. They are very professional. I signed a contract on my case on April 2016 to adjust my status so they prepare the package and send it to USCIS by June, by August I got my Work permit and then by December 14 I got my interview at USCIS and a week after I got my Green Card.”

Salvador M.