Preet Pankaj Singh

Preet Pankaj Singh

Preetpankaj was born and raised in Anandpur Sahib, Punjab, India and migrated to United States in 2013. He started his career with Sikh Research Institute (SikhRI) based in New Jersey, as a Development Coordinator, where he supported fundraising efforts and engaged with Diaspora Sikhs to introduce SikhRI programs based on teachings of Sikh-Gurus. In 2016, he joined an aviation service provider company as a Senior Supervisor- Customer Service, where he diligently assisted customs and immigration day-to-day operations at Federal Inspection Area, San Francisco Airport.

Back in India, after graduating from School of Management Studies at Mata Gujri College, he got campus placement in a Stock broking company and later, he pursed his career with a Renowned Educational Group, Chandigarh University, where he led Admissions and Career Counseling Department.

He personally has experienced oppression of Sikhs in India from post anti-Sikh riots 1984 to ruthlessness of Punjab Police 1992. Since then, situations never got better, and generations of young Sikhs migrated to various countries. His personal experience has contributed to his interest to advocate for Social Justice and Immigration which is why he is so excited about working at Law office of Robert B. Jobe.

Punjabi University, Patiala India
School of Management Studies, Mata Gujri College
Masters in Business Administration 2007

Area of Study: Marketing and Finance

Panjab University, Chandiagrh INDIA
Babar Akali Memorial Khasla College
B.A. 2005
Major: Mathematics and Economics

Punjabi and Hindi