Navjot Kaur

Being an immigrant herself, Navjot is very passionate about helping new immigrants, especially those in the vulnerable situation of being unable to speak the language of the land. She provides interpretation for Punjabi-, Hindi-, and Urdu-speaking immigrants, many of whom have suffered abuse at various stages of their journey to this new country.

Navjot has a Master’s degree in Sociology, which gives her a deeper understanding of the social conflicts arising out of the political, economic, and social systems in societies in general and in South Asian societies in particular.

Navjot has worked as a special needs educator in India and a Punjabi language instructor in Toronto, Canada. She has been a community activist since her college days and continues her advocacy work here in the United States within the Punjabi community. She has volunteered to teach Punjabi at Sunday schools for the last 10 years. Because of her close association with several human rights organizations, she has a thorough understanding of the problems and the conflicts facing minority communities in South Asia.

In her free time, Navjot loves to hike, camp, and volunteer with various human rights projects.


Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu