Born and raised in NYC, Gabriella attended the United Nations International School and graduated from Cornell University with a major in Industrial and Labor Relations and a minor in Law and Society. As the granddaughter of a Colombian immigrant, she follows in her grandmother's footsteps and advocates for those disadvantaged by our nation's socioeconomic and political inequalities.

At Cornell, she pursued her passion for immigrant justice through a research fellowship on immigrant worker rights, where she spent over a year interviewing experts, writing and publishing numerous articles for their website, "Mobilizing Against Inequality." She also advocates for criminal justice reform through education and worked for a year in a maximum security prison as a teaching assistant for courses in Spanish and Psychology. Additionally, Gabriella spent the summer of 2018 co-authoring a paper on the intersection of disability and juvenile justice-involved youth, and the previous summer researching for Verité, a non-profit that seeks to eliminate labor and human rights violations in global supply chains. Her culmination of experiences and intent to work towards gaining legal status for immigrants in the United States has motivated her to pursue her goals as a legal assistant at the Law Office of Robert Jobe.

Over the last several years, Gabriella has found opportunities to further engage with Latin America. In 2018, Gabriella spent six months living and studying in Colombia at the Universidad de los Andes, immersed in both language and culture. At home and abroad, Gabriella enjoys running, mountain biking, embroidery, singing and songwriting.